Show Notes:
Apple Live.
iPhone 5S Parody.
Google+ Embeded Posts.
Surface Round 2?
XBox One Interface.
Windows Phone 8.1.
GTA 5 cost 265 Million to make.
New Playstation Vita / TV.
Playstation Vita.
Google Logo Update Leaks?
Grasshopper Flys.
Comet Hunter Lost?
Mars Volunteers over 200K.
NASA fixes Ladee.
Nexus 7 with LTE Available.
Udacity News.
AMAZING 3d Model Software.
Burning Man off the Hook.
Google Glass Update.
USB 3.0 Connector.
Verizon wants to Block sites you Visit.
Break Rules become a Judge.
John Hopkins Take down.
John Gilmore on Key Standards.
Google Building Serious Encryption.
Seagate HD failure Insurance!
Seagate 5TB Drive this year.
Foursquare Dish Finder.
Apple and older Mac’s.
YouTube Confession of Murder.
NBA Tracking Players on Court.
Tokyo wins 2020 Summer Games heads explode at NBC.
Human to Human Mind Control.
Jail for this?
Paperback book of Steve Jobs.