Show Notes:
Bank and Credit Card Monitoring?
Smartcards Insecure?
Troll Wars.
Student Surveillance State!
No Tethering Glass.
Pirates help with Programming at Netflix.
Hacking a CPU in the Weeds.
Lost Creator is Back!
AT&T to cancel Pirates.
FEMA freaks out over Drone.
East German Stasi Spying Museum.
YouTube Embed and Chromecast.
Google Voice Update.
Private Space Launches Slip.
Rhapsody lays some off.
High Resolution Moon.
Double Olympic Eviction.
Star Wars Awesome.
eBook from Local Library.
Belkin 2-Port Charger.
iPad – Surface Trade In Details.
21% use Mobile Internet as Primary
Saturn IB
All is Quiet on Sun.
DOD needs a Fax Machine.
Wasteful Government Expsense.
What to expect by Military in Pandemic.
Afghan Internet @ 3.5%
NASDAQ leaves hole in Website.
Apple Risk on 2 iPhones.
Twitter Version 3.
Solar impedes Firemen.
4 Million in fines over Fax.
Global Warming not so fast.
Costa Concordia Upright.