Show Notes:
Ctrl-Alt-Del a Mistake.
Ballmer goes out in Ballmer Style.
Mulally to Microsoft?
vPro Spying on Us?
Google launches Hummingbird.
Verizon Public Enemy #1?
Government Shutdown.
Stupid Ideas.
Abuse you Lose.
Gmail to Class Action.
Give Us Apps Give Us Apps!!
Galaxy Note 3 Disaster.
Livio Acquired by Ford.
Facebook to allow Edits.
Thermal Solar Power.
Soyuz to ISS.
Alien Planets found 1000.
Tagging the ISS.
Students Hack iPads.
Death of CableCard?
Netflix Super HD.
Recon gets cash from Intel.
Google Street View Surprise.
Sprint Speaks Out.
Embedded Hardware Malware.
Netflix gets a boost.
Judge makes Patent Troll Dance.
Stupid is as Stupid Does.
Planes and Phones 🙂
Lot’s of Water on Mars.
Windows Stores to Merge.
Apple TV Setup by iPhone.