Show Notes:
Attempt to Irritate.
The Gadget Professor.
Lavabit Battles Federal Government.
No You Cannot.
Verizon Says Protect your own Data.
Fukushima 4 Concern.
Surface 2 Sales Good?
Silk Road Founder in Jail.
Push Bill Out?
Google and the Enterprise.
Selling your TV comments to Nielsen.
Bezos owns the Post.
Apple Supply Issues?
Murder in Iran.
Obamacare Scam Emails.
Samsung Android TV.
182 Square Foot Home.
HTC Dual Boot mobile Phone.
Airbnd trying to sooth NYC.
Amazon STB.
Buy prepaid Target Brand Phone.
Apple buys Cue.
Adobe Hacked.
Base Jump Video.
Twitter IPO #1
Twitter Revenue.
Twitter Growth.
Hidden commands in your remote.
13 Anonymous Arrested.
Ballmer pay Docked.
Samsung in more trouble.
Did Bing Campaign Cheat?
MIT Droplet Breakthrough.
Your phone is not a Level.