Show Notes:
Bugs Bunny Bomb.
New Sushi Store design.
Prenda Case gets crazy.
iMessage Secure?
41% Mobile to YouTube.
The British are Coming.
False Science.
Apple Event.
Boeing or Microsoft?
Project Stop Watching Us.
Windows 8.1 Review.
Windows 8.1 Update.
Nexus 5 $349.00
AMD in Black.
IsoHunt gets Slammed.
AT&T Tablet Deals.
Get some Sleep.
Obamacare Website 4 days of Testing.
Asteroid 2032 Date With Earth.
Samsung Set Top Box.
Google 15 Billion Quarter.
Car Lock for Texting.
Facebook Post Editing.
Hulu CEO.
Twitter DM.
Software Engineer Salaries.
Bit Coin Boom.