Show Notes:
New iPads for everyone.
Google Sets up VPN Proxy.
For your Special Friend.
Xbox and Windows 8.
Copyright Idiots.
Russia wants to be like NSA.
France is Pissed.
Gold iPad.
Smart Teen.
Google Update.
Yahoo versus Microsoft.
Air News.
Netflix has record Quarter.
Apple Tv Please!
Gates Investing in Construction.
Hair for Men.
VPN’s folding.
GarageBand Freemium?
P2P Distributor Insider Story.
Verizon Bug.
Selling our SSN! #fail
Ohh Great CISPA is Back.
Don’t Hack my Heart Dude.
Twitter Ban
Google Project Shield.
What’s Siri.
isoHunt RIP.
Windows 8.1 Fix.
Google Grip on Android.
GTA Idiots.
Adblock Facebook.