Show Notes:
Pirate Honeypot.
Can the Fix it?
Don’t call yourself a Hacker.
Skitch 2.5.
Tesla Coils?
Grey Mini.
Older Mac Upgrades.
Planck Retired.
Xbox 1.2 Million.
Army Tech.
Amazon Employee Count.
Google Ad Unit.
Facebook Tech.
Skype Changes.
Samsung Fine.
Comcast AlaCarte?
Who’s Listening.
Samsung 55 Billion.
Tweetbot 3.
White House Mole.
Paul Allen and A.I.
Judge Busted.
PHP Site Hacked.
EFF & Lavabit.
Twitter Jackpot.
Killing Patents.
Microsoft 18.5 Billion.
Windows Surface Sales.
Amazon Prime.
Amazon 17.09 Billion.
Automated Cars.
Gut Sleeve.
Old Mac Pro.
Minecraft Update.