Show Notes:
Net Neutrality Warning.
25 Years of Worms.
Coolest use of a 3D Printer Yet.
Bitcoin Really?
Dumber and Dumber.
DMCA Idiocy.
Free IT Training for Soldiers.
Too Much Cash?
Registar Battles.
Xfinity TV Go.
Buggy Apple.
$100k Bounty.
5% Equity Challenge.
Alpha House.
6 Guys do what Government could not.
Tunnel Plug.
iGoogle Shutdown.
Mac Mini Upgrade.
Connected Classroom.
Crypto Locker shakedown gets Worse.
Chrome finally hides passwords?
Tesco using Face Recognition.
GPS Trackers for everyone.
Place your Bets.
Twitter IPO Pending.
Games to treat ADHD.
Apple setting up shop in Arizona.
Fixing Windows.
Windows Fail.
Army Iron Man.
6TB Helium Filled WD HD.
New FCC Chairman.
We The People API.
iPad Air Review.
Viddy Shifts.
Amazon Boss Wife on Attack.
India to Mars?
Nexus 5 Review.
Not in my House.