Show Notes:
Praying for the Philippines.
YouTube Comments.
Engineers Lock it up.
Mystery Solved.
BitCoin on Rocket Ship.
Solar Power and Batteries.
DOS Tool attacking
Verizon Versus Nexus 7.
Freedom Act?
Doc Searls on Net Neutrality.
EFF Slams NYT.
Asteroid Six Tails.
ISON can it Survive?
The Rich get Richer.
Mega out of Beta.
Glass terms Updated.
Marvel does Movie Deal with Netflix.
Microsoft Fantasy.
Redbox + PS4 = Win.
Prenda Team Going to Jail.
Silk Road 2.0
PS4 Teardown.
No Touching.
Gimp Going FTP.
Google Apps Kick IE9.
Torch Arrives at ISS!
Crypto Community Gets Active.
Glass Update.
No More External Extensions.
COPPA Update Troubles.
Facebook on S&P.
Etsy Changes Afoot.
Skype API Reprieve.
Fire @ Internet Archive.
Mean Alarm Clock.
Trojan Writer Wanted.
Anti-Patent Legislation.
Present Protector.