Show Notes:
Fined $10.00 for not providing Junk Food.
Yahoo Lockdown.
Social Media Prank.
Super Hoaders.
Ride to Space.
Apple Clean Energy.
BitCoin Update.
Computer Recipes.
Volcano Active in Antarctica.
Fukushima Update.
Fusion Update.
ISON Update.
FBI Denies FOIA Request.
800k On the Bed.
vBulletin Hack.
Anonymous Hacks Gov’t Systems.
Pirate Bay Founder running for EU.
YouTube Comment Battle.
Track Yourself.
PS4 Sabotaged?
Sprint and Best Buy Phone deal.
DOD Hybrid Order.
Mr. Reader.
Office Remote.
MLB & NFL Battle Aereo.
Honda Walking Assist.
Formal Dinner Setting.
Slingbox Update.