Show Notes:
Square Cash.
Google Update Insights.
16gb Nexus 7 $199.00
Newegg Patent Troll Trial.
Fukushima Fuel Rods.
Pilot Lands Wrong Runway.
Shopping Deals Start Sunday.
LG Calling home to Mama.
Xbox One Tear Down.
Brilliant Ad Campaign.
Draw working Circuit with Pen.
Winamp Fate in Hands Of ?????
Tokyo Ladies Nap Room.
Haiku Deck for the Web Rollout.
Huge Gamma Ray Burst.
Google Drone?
Microsoft Azure Down?
Skydrive Auto Uploads on iOS.
Cubesat Launch at ISS. in Trouble. sues on Fake DMCA.
Silk Road Op Update. Update.
Chromecast and HBO.
South Poll Neutrinos.
Windows 8.1 Tips a Joke.
Pay Tuition with Bitcoin.
Spotify Scores Cash.
Instagram for Windows Phone.
FCC Please no Airborne Calls.
Samsung to Pay More.
Bitcoin malware payment price change.
Apple Firmware Update due.
Google Spyware.
Cheese to make you Puke.