Show Notes:
23andMe C&D
Couric Now Yahoo Global!
Shaken NSA.
Newegg Trial #1
Newegg Trial #2
US Third World Internet Users.
Hadfield Wired Piece.
Killing Fail Wale.
UPP = Price Fixing.
Timing a TV Purchase.
Winamp Lovers ask to Open Source Code.
New Solar Plant Revolutionary.
Fake Tech Support.
Global Cast.
Black Friday #1
Curiosity Back in the hunt.
Is ISON Toast.
Picasa nabs Child Porn Purveyor.
No Swearing at your Xbox One.
No Outlook For You.
Twitch Having Live Video TOS Issues.
Twitter Robot Factory.
Line has 300 Million Users.
Black Friday #2
iPhone to Android Transition Guide.
SpaceX Geo Launch.
Black Friday #3
RelayRides SFO.
Skype Fixes Coming.
Black Friday #4
Glass API Opens Up.
NYC out to get Texting Violators.
WD Black 2
Doomseday Cache.
ZTE Smartwatch.
BBC Blasts Amazon.
Amazon Fights Back.