Show Notes:
ISON Dust Cloud.
Facebook news?
No need for 1GBPS.
MPAA cant use certain terms.
China off to the Moon.
HBO Almost Stand Alone.
Amazon Air.
100 Million BitCoin Theft?
Talking Points.
Windows 7 still growing.
Lightroom Deal.
Threshold Next MS Release?
4k Dell Monitors.
Nokia / MS Deal Almost Final.
Chinese to build Copeing 474 Airplane!
French Net Censors.
Don’t Brick Xbox One.
Huawei Pulls Plug in US.
Internet Sales Tax here to Stay. RIP.
Google Barge.
Volvo Self Driving on Road 2017!
WTC Whistles!
Eagle Grabs Camera.
Apple Acquires Topsy.
NVIDIA Shield.