Show Notes:
Reform Global Surveillance.
IT Job Tip.
Shopping Suicide.
Make it Snow.
Netflix on TWC Set-top Box?
Windows 8.2 + Start Button = Winner.
Will CES be about 4k?
Student Cheating to explode.
4chan Prank gone bad.
Want to donate some floppies.
Little Physics Problem for you.
IRIS Images.
Obama says Hack!
Snowflake DIY.
Burnout Button.
Citrix Essentials.
Glass Ban.
Barge Fiasco.
Rent Protest.
Chimps cants be Legal Humans.
Jupiter Acsending.
Square Update.
Low Earth Objects.
Yahoo + Imgur =?
Pandora Alarm Clock.
Mars Ocean.
Winter Emergency Kit.
Google Glass and WordPress.
Foursquare Reborn?
Microsoft Account Flags.
26 Million?
The Mouse.
Gaming Spys.
Mac Tips.
Coldest Place on Earth.