Show Notes:
Target is the Target.
Mac Pro #1
Mac Pro #2
Mac Pro #3
MyGlass iPhone App.
RIAA Vultures.
Copyright Screw Over.
Roku Gets YouTube.
Santa Trackers.
Word of the Year “Privacy”
Final Cut Update.
OUYA and
Winamp Saved?
New Torrent Site Gov’t Backed.
Google Transparency.
Livestream & iPad.
ISS Spacewalk and Leaky Space Suit?
Chinese Rover Overheats?
Supply Launch Delayed.
Bitcoin Grand Theft.
Zuck Selling Stock.
Rubber Band Machine Gun.
Hang em High?
Verizon Transparency.
Worlds Largest Ship Launch.
MS Insider Trading.
Mossberg Last Article.
Prenda Smack down continues.
Vine Vanity.
BA Gate to Gate Device Usage.
Steam Machine Teardown.
Amazing Optimus Prime.
Detroit and Free Homes.
Mobile Kill Switch.
New Torrent Chat.
Airbnb Milestone.
Yahoo Mail Tabs.
Twitter Alerts.
Mac Memory Clean.