Show Notes:
UPS – Fedex #Fail
Amazon Apologizes.
Prime Boost and 423 Million Sales.
Hawaiian Electric Called Out!
Are you Dating a Geek?
Return Anything without a Receipt.
Comet Hunting Probe Update.
Fantastic Saturn.
SpaceX Launch.
YouTube ContentID system Broke.
Gazelle Contest.
Communicate in 2014.
Windows 8.1 Upgrade.
Lifehacker Digital Storage Lessons Learned.
Ten Chromecast Tips.
Organ Printing is Here!
Fitness Tracking Competition.
Mac Classic Video Games.
Know my App.
Time Warner Scrambling.
Dogecoins Heist.
Top 10 P2P Movies.
Delta had Price Fare Bug.
Snapchat Hack.
Rap Genius played with fire.
Stuck in the Ice.
NYPD Robo Cop Car.
Chromebook 11 is Back.
Mr Postman.
Iron Maiden follows the Pirates.
Jet Engine Instrument.
How Much to build a PC Versus New MacPro.
Electric Chainsaw.
After Christmas Deals.