Show Notes:
Google Buys Nest.
Cygnus Docks at ISS.
Star to go Super Nova Soon.
Lot’s of Launches.
Cosmos Back on Air.
Suntory buys Jim Beam.
Charter wants Time Warner.
Uber Protest get Violent.
Microsoft trusted more than Apple?
Accenture to fix Obamacare Website.
Google Travel Agent.
CNN Consolidating Tech.
600 Light years.
What has NSA Made.
In depth NSA Interview.
Audi finds you parking.
Caffeine Helps Memory.
Will PC Death Kill the Internet.
CES After Dark.
Some Border Privacy Rights.
Windows 9.
Blu-Ray to go 4k?
Copyright Week – Techdirt.
Copyright Week – EFF
Massive DOS Attack on Streaming Gamers.
Decline in Teen Pregnancy.
Sleepy at the Wheeel?
Automatic gets a new CEO sorta.
2014 Ford Fiesta.
High Profile G+ Users Protected.
Lindsay Lohan Tweets that Pay.
GoDaddy to offer Office 365.
FAA Drone Rules.
Yahoo Malware Attack Bigger.
Pirate Bay Prisoner Protests.
Target Talks Source of Attack.
Paypal new Payment.
China Rover Wakes Up.
Malware in Japan Nuke Plant Control Room.
Twitter Web Update.
50,000 year time Capsule.