Show Notes:
Smart Contact.
FCC Blew it.
10 Years of Rovers on Mars.
NASA Budget.
Winamp is Back.
Vimeo and Kickstarter.
Android TV.
Yale Blocks Innovation.
Go Dark on the Net?
Scuba Breath??
Magnetic Net in Space?
Silk Road Bitcoins Seized.
FCC Boss Comments.
Glass Driver beats Ticket.
Xbox One King.
Starbucks App Insecure.
Google Charts Music.
Rdio Streams it all.
Malware Searches.
Download Tax Returns.
Fridge in Hack Attack.
Google Tops in Innovation?
DC Ready to Blow.
Apple Sending Refunds.
Intel Earnings Flat.
Windows XP + ATM = Hmmm
Security for Google Bus.
Apple and Mobile Payments.
Microsoft TOR Attack.