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Neutrinos from Space 2.0

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Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?
Austin Police to Start Wardriving?
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Facebook to start Political PAC (WHAT!!)
Chelsea Clinton gets Board Seat?
DirectTV announce movie rental Failure.
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Facebook Scaring #2
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Sprint Stays Unlimited.
SSL Hacked.
Google+ up 1269%
Instagram 2.0 a big Hit.
Voice Cash Cow Over.
New Apps Need New Bandwidth Plans!
Square COO Not Realistic.
Laser Powered Internet for NASA.
Get an Experienced Pilot.
Norways new Missle.
Apple Denied Patent.
Muni Broadband Fight.
Senator goes after Onstar.
Dead Sea Scrolls.
T-Mobile – Apple your Move.
Amazon Kindle Tablet.
Samsung Galaxy @ FCC.
Past Qtr Powered by Android.
October Meteor Shower.
Photos of Uranus.
Judge Shopping.
Blockbuster a Competitor?
Traditional TV Like Record Stores.
Dreamworks to Netflix.
Amazon adds Fox Videos.
Mac Trojan Horse.

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