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Archive for 'Podcast'

GNC #915 MacPro not all That!

Show Notes:
RSA in Denial.
NASA Spacewalk.
Don’t Jailbreak iOS7.
Tech Geek In Jail?
Was Dotcom a Snitch.
Angry Bird Windows 7 Update.
Cars at CES!
Automated Bartender.
Obamacare Deadline Today.
Lots of Data Little results?
iPhone Pics.
Water Water.
MacPro only 8% faster?
Verge MacPro Review.
Engadget MacPro Review.
Microsoft CEO Candidates.
Rover Selfies.
Apple Acquisitions.
Allcast out of Beta.
FTC Target Investigation.
Hacked CC to be sold by ZipCode.
SnapChat Update.
Small Laptop Chargers.
Gizmodo 100 Images.
BitCoin QRC Code Heist.
Flu Shot and Men.
Amazon bans Beyonce Album.
Apple Store Heist.
Goodbye DVD?
LG Home Theater.
Times Square Ball Drop App.

GNC #910 Moving Fast

Show Notes:
Sponsored Content Getting Attention Finally.
eBay user Scammed on Xbox One.
Radiation Blast.
The Jetsons.
2015 Ford Mustang.
Major Internet Image Issue?
Time for ECPA Reform.
400,000 yr DNA.
Internet Hijacking.
T-Mobile laughs at AT&T.
AT&T New Plans.
Moore Law and Chip Cost.
Patent Troll Bill.
New Government Mandated Conservation.
Cheapo Leaf Driver.
POS Botnets Rake in Credit Cards.
Google Allows Downloads of Data.
Smart Power.
HomeJoy Funding.
HomeJoy come to Hawaii.
Sub Launched Drone while Submerged.
Are you on the List.
Ford CEO Stays Put.
Keypad for your iPhone?
Women should be outraged.
Bitcoin iPhone App.
Bieber not worth 200k.
Siri is Listening.

GNC #829 Montezuma’s Revenge

Show Notes:
Apple Quarterly Results.
500 Million iOS Devices.
Netflix on the Move.
Twitter and Vine.
Wii U to get 2 Updates.
Day of Hacking.
Spice up Win 8.
YouTube is on the Move.
Dial to Rescue no not Soap.
Iron Man Gauntlet.
Googles 1 Trillion Investment.
Rail Gun.
Government Spying on You.
Stop the Gap.
A Power House Laptop.
Court lets Pirate Walk.
Mega Crypto Challenge.
5yrs for Uploading movies.
Mega Finances Targeted.
iCloud at 250 Million Customers.
2 Billion iMessages a Day!
GoDaddy CDN?
Fire in Freezing Weather.
Three indicted in Trojan Sales.
NASA finds something new about the Sun.
AT&T U-verse down!
Judge Slams Prosecutor in Aaron Swartz Case.

GNC #804 Vacation Show

Show Notes:
New Media Expo University.
Do not Disturb.
Bent Fanboys?
Woz speaks out.
Apple Purple is good.
App.net for all.
ISP Speed Ranking.
Caps and no FCC Intervention.
ISP Capping List.
Gmail Indexing Attachments.
Adobe Elements Updates.
Web OS 1.0
Oracle Reverse Course.
3-d Printer Seized.
Free Undergraduate Books.
Pictures – Pictures – Pictures.
LinkedIn Endorsements?
Energizer Wall Charger.
iPhone Verizon Update.
Couch you gotta Have!
Dog Window!
Go to Jail in Japan for Downloading.
Pirate Bay Founder Locked Up.
5 Utorrent Tips.
Torrent Sites Offline.
Facebook privacy invasion explained.
White House Hacked?
Massive DSL Modem Hack.
Former Mobileme Users Set for Life?
Iran turns Gmail back on.
Do you Like Gatekeeper?
Six Strike Plan Un-American.
Instagram on the Move.
Google #2 Tech Company
Wireless Data Rates relief?
Virgin Mobile to get iPhone 5?
Cow Milk.
It’s a Boy!

GNC #803 Back in Hawaii

Show Notes:
Podcast Awards Open on Oct 1st.
Where is Digital Education Headed?
Chinese by the Numbers?
Warrantless on the Climb.
Dish to be Digital?
Mars Streams.
Sensors that Dissolve.
App.net to pay Devs.
Moms with Boys!
Thin USB 3.0 Drive.
Win 8 Tablets.
Kingston SDXC!
Rim Losses Mount.
Black Friday Deals?
Portable BBC Leads the Way.
AT&T New Mifi.
Pay with QR Codes.
Zeebox to US.
Dish High Speed Internet.
Google Field Trip.
Wag the Tail?
Job Hunting Tip.
Logitech HD Skype Camera.
Set Top Box Review.
Facebook Privacy.
Protect your Lunch.
California Companies no SM Spying.
Red goes 5K.
NZ PM Apologies to Dotcom.
Portugal File Sharing OK!
Mediacomm Users Beware.
Space Debris.
Missed a Big One.
Chinese Copycats.
Google Employee Risks.

GNC #800 Show Special

Show Notes:
Conversation Network Adios.
Jelly Bean Root.
Save money on iPhone Upgrade switch Carriers.
Ford Navigation App.
Google+ at 100 Million Active Users.
Live from the ISS!
BMG $20.00 Demand on Six Strikes.
Diamonds Galore.
Time to go SSD?
Patent Troll Impact to Small Business.
Apps can get you Arrested in Syria.
No Pictures in Art Book with College Course.
How suing is not always the best strategy.
Masten crashes test vehicle.
Japanese Supply Ship Undocks from ISS.
Paying for Office every Month?
10 Million hack on Subway.
Why iPhone 5?
Curiosity on the Move!
** IE Zero Day Bug.
Sext = > Sex in Teens.
Standing in line already for iPhone 5.
Cable Companies can purchase Telcos.
Warp Speed a Reality?
Google buys Photo Editor.
Helmet that calls for Help.
Windows 8 Tablet Pricing.

GNC #799 Wirecast Blows It.

Show Notes:
Apple Secrets not so Secret.
iPhone 5 Worth it?
Jimmy Kimmel Kills it.
Apple Connector Insanity.
iPhone Adapter Limitations.
Cellcom Scores.
iOS 6 Lock down.
Global Roaming not AT&T.
Voice and Data Simultaneous.
Rasberry Pi Super Computer.
MegaUpload Data Dilemma.
Apple sues a Polish Deli?
Tidal Turbine.
Spotify TV?
Monostrip Power Monitoring.
Microsoft Kills Botnet.
Siri Jobs Legacy?
No Password for School.
Apple Massive Solar Farm.
Unsecured WiFi Liability.
Fools Try Takedown of Apple Store.
Javascript to speedup Firefox.
USA Today Re-Work.
Zillow breaks out Lawyers.
Helium Filled Hard Drives.
Amazing Mars.
Amazing Moon.
French Blow It.

GNC #798 Some Explaining To Do!

Show Links:
GoDaddy Outage.
GoDaddy DNS.
Apache Do Not Track.
Pirate Bay Deported.
UDID Leak.
Google Fiber 89%
Amazon on Warpath.
Yelp and Political Games.
>Earthlink to re-sell Clearwire.
Global Food Riots?
Curiosity Self Portrait.
Celebrity Searches Dangerous.
HP iMac?
Dawn Departs Asteroid.
Kindle Unlocked.
Monster Tripod – Monster Price.
Google Depreciates Pirate Bay.
Mystery Google Device.

GNC #796 Holiday Routine

Show Links:
TPN Round Table
Ustream Blew It.
Samsung MobIlier Program PR Gaff.
Let the Battles Begin.
What iPhone 5 Secrets.
iPhone 5 Video.
Pay to Review.
Tech off the Grid.
Neil Armstrong Photo Gallery.
Samsung Galaxy Camera on Android.
United App on Android.
HiSense Google TV.
Bruce Willis not to sue Apple.
Fair Use on the Move.
Congress and Domain Seizures.
Pirate Bay Founder Arrested in Cambodia.
Obama Ambassador in Cambodia.
Pirate Bay and Proxy under DDOS.
P2P Uploaders Mapped.
Firefox 15 Secrets
Samsung Factory Audio Report.
$20k Space Telescope in Backyard.
Feedburner Closing?
Amazon Kindle Fire Predictions.
NBC App for all Sports.
iCloud Calendar Tricks.
OS Market Share.
Windows 8 Companion Program.
Voter Registration App.
Online Reviews Critical.
App.net Apps his iOS Store.
Samsung Analysis Speak.
Walmart Check-out App.
Longer School Year?
Facebook Troll a Cop.
Infected machines on Net?
What Java Security.
Savings Kit.
Spork and Knife Combo.
Dorm Pranks.
Attack of the Customers.

GNC #795 Tech and Science News Galore

Show Links
Mars 360 Incredible!
Front Row Seat on Mars.
I want that Ad Space.
Grooveshark for Android.
LG Monitor at IGA Show.
Apple and Google Talking?
Firefox Beta.
Want this to drive my kids to school!
Another Utility Hacked?
Oracle Patches Java 4 months to late!
Veterans Wanted.
Apple Stores to Sell Sell Sell?
Apple Rot?
Pinch to Zoom Myth.
Bing to Browse your Friends Images.
Wolfram on facebook.
1 Billion Flushed by Facebook.
Etsy Gift Cards.
Google TV Ad Clearinghouse Dead.
Walmart versus Amazon.
Managing Sewage Data!
10% Fanboy Upgrades?
Netflix versus HBO!
Malaria Cured in Single Pill?
ABC = Australian Broadcasting Corp & P2P!
Quadcopter controlled by Brains Only!
Kim got some cash!
Netflix Suit Filers Revolt.
Calendar Hangout!
Laser Images from Mars.
EFF sues NSA!
Prior Art?
Genetics to unlock our History.
98 Year Message in Bottle.
NASA Launch.
ISS Space Walk bolt Issue.
Air Force Offensive Cyber Software Bid.
Data Breaches up 10x
iRig Key.
Parallels is Good.
Burning Man.
$900 Thunderbolt Drive?
2TB Passport.
Cassette Conversion.
HP Laserjet Review.