Show Notes:
Apple Secrets not so Secret.
iPhone 5 Worth it?
Jimmy Kimmel Kills it.
Apple Connector Insanity.
iPhone Adapter Limitations.
Cellcom Scores.
iOS 6 Lock down.
Global Roaming not AT&T.
Voice and Data Simultaneous.
Rasberry Pi Super Computer.
MegaUpload Data Dilemma.
Apple sues a Polish Deli?
Tidal Turbine.
Spotify TV?
Monostrip Power Monitoring.
Microsoft Kills Botnet.
Siri Jobs Legacy?
No Password for School.
Apple Massive Solar Farm.
Unsecured WiFi Liability.
Fools Try Takedown of Apple Store.
Javascript to speedup Firefox.
USA Today Re-Work.
Zillow breaks out Lawyers.
Helium Filled Hard Drives.
Amazing Mars.
Amazing Moon.
French Blow It.