Show Notes:
Sponsored Content Getting Attention Finally.
eBay user Scammed on Xbox One.
Radiation Blast.
The Jetsons.
2015 Ford Mustang.
Major Internet Image Issue?
Time for ECPA Reform.
400,000 yr DNA.
Internet Hijacking.
T-Mobile laughs at AT&T.
AT&T New Plans.
Moore Law and Chip Cost.
Patent Troll Bill.
New Government Mandated Conservation.
Cheapo Leaf Driver.
POS Botnets Rake in Credit Cards.
Google Allows Downloads of Data.
Smart Power.
HomeJoy Funding.
HomeJoy come to Hawaii.
Sub Launched Drone while Submerged.
Are you on the List.
Ford CEO Stays Put.
Keypad for your iPhone?
Women should be outraged.
Bitcoin iPhone App.
Bieber not worth 200k.
Siri is Listening.