Show Notes:
RSA in Denial.
NASA Spacewalk.
Don’t Jailbreak iOS7.
Tech Geek In Jail?
Was Dotcom a Snitch.
Angry Bird Windows 7 Update.
Cars at CES!
Automated Bartender.
Obamacare Deadline Today.
Lots of Data Little results?
iPhone Pics.
Water Water.
MacPro only 8% faster?
Verge MacPro Review.
Engadget MacPro Review.
Microsoft CEO Candidates.
Rover Selfies.
Apple Acquisitions.
Allcast out of Beta.
FTC Target Investigation.
Hacked CC to be sold by ZipCode.
SnapChat Update.
Small Laptop Chargers.
Gizmodo 100 Images.
BitCoin QRC Code Heist.
Flu Shot and Men.
Amazon bans Beyonce Album.
Apple Store Heist.
Goodbye DVD?
LG Home Theater.
Times Square Ball Drop App.