Show Notes:
New Media Expo University.
Do not Disturb.
Bent Fanboys?
Woz speaks out.
Apple Purple is good. for all.
ISP Speed Ranking.
Caps and no FCC Intervention.
ISP Capping List.
Gmail Indexing Attachments.
Adobe Elements Updates.
Web OS 1.0
Oracle Reverse Course.
3-d Printer Seized.
Free Undergraduate Books.
Pictures – Pictures – Pictures.
LinkedIn Endorsements?
Energizer Wall Charger.
iPhone Verizon Update.
Couch you gotta Have!
Dog Window!
Go to Jail in Japan for Downloading.
Pirate Bay Founder Locked Up.
5 Utorrent Tips.
Torrent Sites Offline.
Facebook privacy invasion explained.
White House Hacked?
Massive DSL Modem Hack.
Former Mobileme Users Set for Life?
Iran turns Gmail back on.
Do you Like Gatekeeper?
Six Strike Plan Un-American.
Instagram on the Move.
Google #2 Tech Company
Wireless Data Rates relief?
Virgin Mobile to get iPhone 5?
Cow Milk.
It’s a Boy!