Show Notes:
Apple Quarterly Results.
500 Million iOS Devices.
Netflix on the Move.
Twitter and Vine.
Wii U to get 2 Updates.
Day of Hacking.
Spice up Win 8.
YouTube is on the Move.
Dial to Rescue no not Soap.
Iron Man Gauntlet.
Googles 1 Trillion Investment.
Rail Gun.
Government Spying on You.
Stop the Gap.
A Power House Laptop.
Court lets Pirate Walk.
Mega Crypto Challenge.
5yrs for Uploading movies.
Mega Finances Targeted.
iCloud at 250 Million Customers.
2 Billion iMessages a Day!
GoDaddy CDN?
Fire in Freezing Weather.
Three indicted in Trojan Sales.
NASA finds something new about the Sun.
AT&T U-verse down!
Judge Slams Prosecutor in Aaron Swartz Case.