Listener Links:
HP keeps PC Division.
Siri cannot understand the Scots.
Human iRobot.
Rogue Website Bill.

Show Links:
A Voice Future.
Google+ on a Roll.
IT hates Mac’s.
Facebook (Artificial Intelligence).
Siri may get you Busted.
HP Keeps it PC Business.
Protect-IP 2
Libraries new Target.
Visa / Mastercard under Scrutiny.
Video and P2P Dominate Internet.
Time Warner.
Google+ on Rise.
iPhone Accessory Prototype.
NYT Labs!
Cancer Warning Struck Down.
SmugVault Pricing Declines.
Broadband Subsidies.
Groupon Bad Bet?
Samsung Beats Apple.
Sprint Deal with Clearwire.
Nintendo First Loss in 30 Years.
Redbox raises Rates.
Righthaven has to Pay Now!
Hardware Store fights Music Industry.
ARM in Enterprise Servers?
AMD in Green.
Boxee updates iPad App.
New Mars Rover.
Jam with your iPad.
Ford teams up with GoGo.
Facebook trustees.
ALAC Codec Open Sourced.
Rosat Crashes.
Wanna talk to Dave?

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