Show Links:
FlipBoard Update!
Travelers Beware.
AP gets snippy on Tweets.
Google Music on Google TV.
Lie about Age go to Jail.
EU smacks down US Domain Seizures.
In Line for Black Friday?
Lunar Rover Manual.
The Nook Tablet @ $249.00
Mac Enterprise Play.
SOPA Small Resistance Building.
SOPA Update.
Tumblr SOPA Campaign.
TechCrunch CEO Out.
AOL in Trouble. gets Update.
Google+ LA Times Spin.
Google+ Experian Spin.
New Darkent DNS to fight SOPA?
CRTC has new Ruling.
Chinese Desert Mystery Solved.
Moon Cave.
Play Station 3 @ 5Yrs.
Paypal and Facebook.
Ford Escape.
Ford Flex.
Ford Mustang Update.
Roku to Canada and UK 🙂
Boxee TV Tuner.
Streaming on Sharp Increase.
Internet TV Disruptive?
Gmail App back in Apple App Store.
Soyuz Docs at ISS.
Nasa Moon Map.

Jack Ellis – Executive Producer
Mike Baine – Associate Producer