Great week here in Austin coming to a close. I have been beyond busy this week. Lots of great business developments and a whole host of other activities. Back in Hawaii until I leave for CES!


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Verizon + Redbox =?
Seized Domain Returned.
Twitter Upgrade.
Flipboard for iPhone big Hit.
Google Currents.
Jawbone Makes good on UP.
Pantone color of the Year.
Top 10 Android Apps for .10 cents each!
Apple TV International Update.
MHL a HDMI Alternative.
Limited HP Touchpads Available Sunday.
2003 Steve Jobs Interview.
Copyright Settlements Auctioned Off.
Apple Campus Renderings.
Sony NEX-7.
Girl Genius.
Turbine on Fire.
NASA Asteroid Count.
Chromebook Challenge.
Facebook Brain Scan Study.
Windows 8 Kill Switch.
AT&T Throttling.
Logic Pro 9.
More Mars Water News.
Draft OPEN Legislation for Review.
Travel Power Strips.
CFA to be Interviewed.
Sonos Update.

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