Listener Links:
Inside Space Shuttle Atlantis.
30 Years of Toys.

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Norad Tracking Santa!
SOPA Witch Hunters.
YC Demo Day Boycotts SOPA Supporters.
Frog 1 – Frog Owner -1
Twitter fires Edelman?
Wireless Leash.
Democratizing Video aka Leveling the Playing Field.
Veoh Court victory “Safe Harbors”
Archos 70b
Toddy Gear.
Microsoft Leaving CES.
AT&T gets Christmas Present.
IPTV Malaysian Gov Channel.
Google Pays 300 Million per Year to Mozilla/Firefox.
RIAA Wasn’t Me Defense. (Taste of own Medicine).
OnStar in Car Video?
Education Website Infographic.
NASA close Flyby of Vesta.
Comet Lovejoy Stunner!
Multi-Function Spoon.
Gas to Power iPhone for 20 Years>
Verizon Gets Serious on Set Top Box!
Republic Wireless Unlimited is Unlimited.
Republic Wireless worth a Look.
FCC is a Go White Space Broadband Devices.
Dodgy cash Machines.
Data Security takes a break in 2011.
Tesla S at 49.9k
FTC wants Icann hold on new TLD’s
LHC New Particle.
USTR List Rouge Websites on Hit List.
Web is Getting Bigger Literally.
Case Study in no DRM.

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