Show Notes:
Surfbeam 2 only 20k!
Iran Blackout.
Do you Trust your Hosting Provider?
Google can buy Motorola Mobility.
Apple files suit on Motorola Mobility.
Google TV – YouTube App Update.
Cannon 300 Copter Cam.
ESA New Rocket.
PSVITA Launch Coming.
Kodak – End of Era.
North Korea – Ironic Photo.
Camelback Water Bottle with UV.
Are you Sharing or Stealing?
Kill Television?
Fox in the Hen House?
The Real Story.
Apple Show us the Money.
Hack Attacks around the Clock.
FlickrExport Review.
LHC to ramp up!
Work PC & Politics.
ISS gets amazing Norther Light Images.
Gaming Kickstarter Blows Through Records
1.7 Million and Counting.
AT&T Cracks down on 5%.
Theft Penalties Match Up!
ApceX Cots Pushed to April.
Used Car Warranties.