Show Notes:
We really give to much access to our data.
HBO comes to Samsung SmartTV.
Samsung 2012 HDTV Pricing.
Clear LTE Coming June 2013.
Ramos Alarm Clock!
NCTA wants Encryption!
Swiss Space Garbage Truck.
Want to ride a rocket a 160 feet?
OS X Mountain Lion Review.
GateKeeper Silo of Apple.
AT&T Needs Spectrum Bad.
Q4 Windows 8.
YouTube Stars.
Aereo for Local TV.
Twitter Hates you Too?
Google Next RIAA Target.
UK gets in Acts of Seizing Websites.
Sweeden P2P Conviction $15.00 Per Infringement.
Please Tell me this is Aprils Fools. (Gross)
Idiot of the Week.
Wii has Hulu Plus Now!
Ad Sales Event for Digital!
Brands Growing on Google+
Get your Wallets Out.
Nasty Flash Bug.
RC + Basement = Dedication.
Brown Bag Inspector in N.C.?
Robocalls smacked down! Seized more Gov’t Abuse.
Collaboration with the Enemy the Issue.