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Connected of Not?

Show Notes:
What is wrong with ICANN?
FBI Deactivates 3000 GPS Devices.
RIAA crying about SOPA feels picked on.
Vigilante Jamming Cell Phones.
AT&T Unlimited / Limited Plan!
Brute Force or Password Guess?
No More Privacy at Google.
$35.00 Linux Computer.
Browser Share.
Election Machines Hacked.
Taxi Technology Battlefield.
Shutterfly buys Kodak Site.
iPad3 Retina App Concerns.
Aereo Suit.
Zynga Lauches own Site.
Google vs Santorum.
Photo Online Magazine.
Dropping dead in your 40’s
Firefox and Windows 8 Metro.
Cox to Kill free ride on VOD.
Mini iPad?
Kim Dotcom Questions!
Spanish Antipiracy Protest Unique.
Windows 8 Kill Switch.
Stars Adios from Netflix. (Good Riddance)
Google Web History.
Hide YouTube History.
.com Insanity.
Sony Waterproof Camera.
Android and iOS similar Security Bugs.
Windows 8 Consumer Preview Exceeds 1 Million.
Sandia Smart Outlet.