Listener Links:
Nasa says no Mayan Apocalypse
New Less than Lethal System.
Big E Final Cruise.
eBook Fed Crackdown.

Show Notes:
Wireless to South Pacific.
ICANN provides seizure manual to Gov’ts
Don’t mess with Texas err Internet.
SXSW Panel gets festive.
Startup Overload at SXSW.
NASA needs Rusian Ferry Longer!
Why Windows 8 Will Fail!
Don’t Lose your Smartphone.
Smart Meters battle Theft in Brazil
MegaUpload used by Government People.
Twitter acquires Posterous.
Intel your new Cable Guy.
CNN to Acquire Mashable?
Blog Police?
Crazy RC Flying!
Chinese Spies.
Space Fireworks.
Pirate Bay to be Raided?
Pirate Box — GNC Distro 🙂
More P2P Money Demands Maybe!
24hr Apple TV Network.
Crazy new tent.
Set you PC Time.
See a Space Shuttle.
Homeless Hotspots.
Stitcher on BMW.
AT&T 4g Expansion.
Android Roku App.