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More TSA Weirdness.
Gadgets in 2025.

Show Notes:
Six Strikes – Time to Protest!
Academics Fight Back.
Sat Sinker or Antarctica Godsend.
NASA Space Apps Challenge.
Sue me if you can.
Climate Change Attitudes.
Top 10 in App Store.
CafePress Acquisition.
Facebook Discount Rate.
Pirate Bay going Airborne.
Truckers Jamming GPS.
PowerEx ehh Fedex?
Watch Video and Get Sued.
1st Pirate Bay Defendant goes to Jail!
Google Defends HotFile!
Cash Rich means Payday!
Burning Globe!
Angry Bird F1 Helmet.
YouTube Cry Babies.
Firefox 13 Beta.
Why Spam Notices.
Get your discs scanned at Walmart?
I miss my iPhone.
Google Video in Kansas City MO.
Seattle GoFlex Satellite.
H.264 coming to Mozilla.
Windows 8 Launch October.
Seagate Milestone.
Google Traffic.