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Record Hail in Hawaii
Deep Dive!
BitTorrent Punishment.
The App Builder.

Show Notes:
Privacy by Design.
Can we really have Privacy online?
Microsoft Messenger now a Censor Tool.
Schools overstepping their boundaries!
Righthaven Finished.
Scan me Steal from me!
Windows 8 Performance.
Google Autocomplete in Japan?
Comcast + Xbox = Awesome!
RICO act used to stop Hackers.
Apple brings out the Hammer.
41 Million Wasted Dollars.
Murdoch in hot Water again!
HTC Phone Users Heads Up!
Microsoft PR Nightmare.
Pain Free Needle.
Get More time!
Russia Splashes a Sat!
Megaupload #1
Megaupload #2
Megaupload #3
Targus USB 3.0 Video Extender.
Espresso made in the Car?
Pair for Lovers.
Zune out Front on Windows 8 Podcasters Rejoice!
Scrip App.
Facebook Trademarks “Book”?