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14 Geek Beers.

Show Notes:
MegaMillions Odds.
Loosing war on Hackers?
Frequency iPad App!
NHTSA Battle for your GPS!
Cook in China Cook’s something up.
Spotify Free account keeps cranking.
Best Buy to close 50 stores.
Chrome Version 18?
iPhone Money Clip.
Comcast rewords BW Offer.
Windows Media Center in Windows 8.
Hard Drive Testing.
Kindle Fire on Sale.
Hulu Plus Updated 10 Android Tablets.
Chinese Bugs in our Electronics?
Astronomy App and Table = AWESOME!
Commenting Systems Changing.
200 Mil on Big Data Research.
3.7 Million year Fossil Mini Foot.
Your Google Account Activity.
OnStar Family Tracker!
Bust iPhone Password in 2 Minutes.
House Tries to Limit FCC!
6-6 is turn on IPV6 Day!
Apollo 11 1st Stage Rockets.
Cassini Rocking Images.
20 Ton Cargo Craft Arriving at ISS.
Mars Lava or Water?
**The Solution to Wireless Spectrum Issues**
Pirate Bay with Interest.
50% have Drunk the Kool-Aid.
LED for Bikers.