Listener Links:
Build It, Market It, Sell It.
MPAA joins Party.
NYC Payphone booths get new lease.

Show Notes:
Iran to Cut the Cord.
Amazing ISS Image.
Twitter lets us look under Hood.
Cellphone Theft Database.
HBO Go comes to Comcast.
Time Shifting Radio Illegal?
Smart Meters Hacked.
Utah Breach Huge.
Marriott Hotels Reverse Actions.
Hybrid Owners not buying Hybrids.
Intel Finally delivers USB 3.0!
Third Graders and Cell Phones.
1 Billion for AOL Patents.
Yes it was a Hot March.
Shuttles of to Museums.
Shuttle vs Soyuz.
Major Copyright Battle Underway.
CISPA Part 1.
CISPA Part 2.
Netflix Political Pac?
Ze Frank Newest Show.
Skitter Roku Live Channel.
Opt Out Move Images from Instagram.
Flashback trojan quick check.
Paper App.
* The Gadget Show Live Coverage.
Google Glasses Parody Great.
SINDE – Spain Law Detailed.
PlanOn Scanner.
Windows Vista Support Extended to 2017.
AT&T Unlocking out of Contract iPhones.
Commodore Founder RIP.