Listener Links:

Multitouch Floor.
UFO Approaches Shuttle Atlantis?

Show Notes:
Earthquake Craziness.
Macs finally get Malware Update.
Google Financials.
Facebook and your Data.
Ustream vs Livestream.
Adobe CS6.
LiveU Announcement.
More Cyber Lockers go Down.
Hotfile Battle Continues.
Megaupload Lawyer.
Mophie Juice Pack Update.
YouTube Live ads Pay Per View.
Violate Away with Risk.
Movie Industry still Lost.
Thunerbolt coming to PC’s
Google Glasses to work with prescription Glasses!
What Happens to Digital when your DOA?
Ransomware on the Incline.
Goldman Sach Programmer walks.
Lodsys to get Hammered by Apple.
Instagram 1 Billion in 2 Years.
Show Palm make Withdrawl.
Cardboard Arcade.
Boxee 200k Only?
Underground Garage.
User Beware.
Boys will be Boys.
Solar/Hotwater Heater Combined.
Pebble Smartwatch.
Microsoft Roadmap.
Convert Faucet to Fountain in 5 seconds.