Listener Links:
See through Walls with Mobile!
NY to LA in 45 Minutes.
Cable TV Cost going up Why?
Three years Student Bay Ops and Website go free.

Show Notes:
Verizon Shared Data Plans.
Escalation of Copyright.
Megaupload Trial may never Happen.
Don’t take pictures at the Olympics.
Bypassing the Spinal Cord!
Cadillac Self Drive
Mac Botnet still rolling.
FBI Seizes Servers.
Black Box Car recorder in your Car.
Kids Space Video – Cool!
Instagram + Facebook = Antitrust Free?
Anonymous Takes out F1 Site.
iiNet Not Liable.
Skype on xBox.
Kickstarter Amazing Growth.
WeVideo + Short Videos Cloud Editor.
German Courts Idiots.
Apple Sued for Touch.
VC and Instagram Effect.
Facebook has new Data Center.
LightSquared gets 56 Million!
Chumby RIP.