Listener Links:
Proview versus Apple.
MIT and Tetris.

Show Notes:
Gmail 10gb
No Privacy in Movies!
iPad Domination.
Flickr Uploadr
Opera 12
Experts only in North Carolina.
Tripit Update.
Dragon Launch.
SEC Investigates Bribes by Stdios.
Cover up those Paintings.
Mophie Powerstation Pro.
Google Drive Concerns.
Klout Over Rated?
Mac Office 2011 SP2 Re-released.
Digital Economy Act Delayed.
Facebook giving away Software.
Mac Security 10 years Lagging?
Sprint Unlimited.
WWDC Sells out West Coast Pissed.
Twitter App Update.
Apple Secrecy goes Extreme.
Airbnb Match.
iPhone, iPad, Android Live TV.
10 Tech Services to Avoid.
Acer Financial Lacking.
Zynga Financials.
Kindle Fire – Android Marketplace.