Show Notes:
Google Kills 1.2 Million Links.
Jay Leno in Hot Seat.
SpaceX Flyby.
Inside the Dragon.
Watch SpaceX Make History.
Olympics Very Sensitive.
Roku and Dish offer Foreign Media.
Siri Storage Habits.
Yahoo Axis.
Dish now in Legal Battle with Auto Hop.
Rover says Cheese.
Broadband in Crisis.
IPV4 Sales.
Apple Hype Machine on the Move.
Apple Rumors create feeding frenzy.
Google Versus Oracle.
Blue Tiki.
Tim Cook and Apple.
Doc Searls and Facebook.
PayPal at a Store Near You.
Hacking Leads to fed Charge/Arrest.
DEA Illegal Tracking.
Hanging out at AOL?
Solar Impulse Airborne.
Facebook Camera.
Clip On iPhone Lens.
Cord Hider Kickstarter.
3/1 Barbecue Tool.