Show Notes:
Microsoft and Podcasting?
No Apple TV Announcement.
17 Inch MBP Rip “Sob Sob”
Only $3750.00
Old Air Versus New Air.
Old MBP versus New MBP.
Mountain Lion $20.00.
Mac Pro Weak Update.
Facetime & Siri
WWDC Losers.
Windows 8 Requirements.
SubTitle Prosecution.
Back to Usenet.
Car Mirror 2.0.
Four B’s.
Lightning from Space.
Chinese Space Launch.
Hire a Hacker?
NuStar Space Launch on 13th.
Rover Landing Area.
Film No More?
Wanna Watch A Movie for $422k
Gov’t did not Seize Megaupload Servers?
Flame Attack $200k in Server Costs.
Windows 8 and Google Browser.
Sprint cedes Major Stockholder Status.
35ft Cheat Sheet.
Domino’s Digital Discount.
MovieNite Plus?
Thunderbolt Ethernet Adapter.