Show Notes:
Microsoft Surface #1
Microsoft Surface Details #2
Microsoft Surface #3
Micorsoft Surface #4
Microsoft Surface #5
Microsoft Surface #6
Microsoft Surface #7
Backpage and the Fight for No Moderation.
Robo calling for Settlements.
ACTA Battle Now in EU!
MPAA gonna get reports on you from ISP!
Mozilla Thimble.
Tracking you in 2012!
IE7 Tax!
The Kick!
Retina Consequences!
That will be 10 Million!
Personal Fish Sonar!
Nokia CEO needs Bodyguard.
Facebook buys
Spring 4G LTE by the Numbers.
Oracle Profits.
Spring wants Nextel customers to Switch.
Gov’t Request for info.
FAA & NASA to set Space Guidelines.
We weigh to much.
300/75 Mbps $210.00
Buy Pre-Paid.
Flash still broke for Firefox.
China docks in Space.
Insider Trading AT&T.
Odyssey in Emergency Mode.
Double Solar Flare.
Blue Marble.