Show Notes:
Apple Podcast App.
Story of Podcasting.
Julian Assange Go to Jail.
Comcast pays up 800k.
Google Events.
Google Nexus 7.
Google Nexus Q.
Google Glass.
Google Chrome for iPhone.
Google Drive iOS.
Google Play for Google TV.
ISP IP Storage
Open WiFi Gets Swat team Visit.
Search Warrants Invalid Kim Dotcom.
Your the Target.
Planet gets blown away.
TSA for Subways.
Hacker gets Sentenced.
What do Planets Smell Like.
Deal of the Day.
Weather Alerts.
Verizon Data Services.
Google Web Services.
Tape Rip Card.
Irish MPAA Wins Big.
Dropbox kills Torrent Uploads.
Fan Mouse.
Chromebook @ Bestbuy.
T-Mobile CEO Quits.