Show Notes:
Declaration of Internet Freedom.
Cisco / Linksys Blunder of the Month.
Cisco / Linksys #2
Apple vs Samsung.
Boycott Apple?
Verizon fights against Net Neturality.
Judge slaps Universal.
Wiley gets 7k on Book Infringement.
Orion arrives at NASA.
3 Home from ISS.
Leap Second whacks Multiple Sites.
Storm hits Homes and Data Centers.
Twitter Transparency Report.
Google Voice versus Siri.
Facebook email Fiasco.
Printing a Liver?
Chinese Hack India Defense.
iWork shutdown soon.
More trolling cases Bounced.
Tweets are Public.
Windows 8 Update Cheap.
Monitor for your Bike.
Heated Knife.
6 Strikes in Effect.
Google Stole?
YouTube DVR?
Blackberry Users to New Home?
4k DSLR!
More Features Coming Windows Phone 8.
T-Mobile Data Outage.
Firefox OS?
Firefox #2.
Self Destruct Messages.
Android – Flash = Trouble?
Cannon S100 recall.
Google Mobile Analytic’s.
Window 7 King of the Hill.
Angry T-Mobile Customer.