Show Notes:
Roswell @ 65.
Microsoft shows off it’s muscles.
1.3 Million Spying Request.
Thunderbird #1.
Thunderbird #2
Drone Pilots.
FBI Shuts down Botnet DNS… (Yawn)
Kim Dotcom hearing Pushed.
Floating Coding Factory?
OSX Mountain Lion at Gold!
Google Free!
Kickstarter goes U.K.
Uber versus Taxi Companies.
Chrome goes Mix and Camera Native.
AT&T expands 4G LTE.
Windows 8 on a Stick.
Scalable Living.
5.5b Cable Job.
10 Chrome Book Tips.
Windows 8 Speed.
Surprised by Snitches.
New Angle on Saturn Rings.
Zipper on Sun.
All 135 Space Shuttle Launches.
Be careful in a flame war.
Cloud Security.
USB Crime on a Stick.
Worms in Space.
Google wants 4 Million.
Nexus Q hacked.
Rubik’s Cube.
Cubes Galore.
MIT Power Chip.
Android 4.1 Source Code.
Zoom Q2HD.
Atom Ukulele!