Show Notes:
Solar Flare Blast!
Parents Beware.
Facbook Politics.
Facebook Events.
SOPA 2012?
FBI Warning.
Aereo wins round 1.
Canadian Copyright Win.
The Amazon Plan.
Yahoo Security Breach 2012. Hacked.
1 Million year Marker.
Who’s to Blame?
Digg Ultimate Fail.
Digg Shame of Silicon Valley.
3-D Mars App.
787 Runs on Android.
Facebook Monitoring.
Facebook Likes Little Value?
Filtering Internet by Association.
Virgin new Launch Vehicle.
Give me my Cash!
Grooveshark Big Win.
iPhone Steadicam.
Bagged Coffee?
Temp Probe.
Gadget Professor.
Pluto 5th Moon.
7 Minutes of Terror.
Twitter to Blog.
Google+ Merge Option.
Roku Germany and Spain Launch.
Time Warner Google Bounty.
Android at 52%.
Food and Drink category.
Space Zombies.
LTE Voice to Data you Pay?