Show Notes:
Windows Phone 8 Update.
Comcast on Carrier Regulation.
P2P on Strike?
Office 2013 Support Drop.
Office 365.
Mac Users Left Behind?
Dotcom Judge US is Enemy!
DOJ Dotcom Technicality.
Father of the Blog.
Britain Opens Up.
New Cord Cutter Remote.
Free in App Purchases Hack.
Free in App Demo.
Panasonic GH2 Beats them All.
Watch your Power.
No Noise Amplifier.
FDA HIV Prevention Drug.
Ultimate Man kitchen gear.
Nothing to Hide?
Marissa Mayer new Yahoo CEO.
Office Bundling.
Mars On Orbit Issues.
Crew to ISS.
Drone over Detroit.
Air Force Social Media Manual.
FDA Spying?
Olympic Brand Police.
Mountain Lion Next Week.
Ridiculous Chair.
Internet 2%.
A/C Clothing?
Kickstarter Real Deal.
Super Laser.
Novell Killed Wordperfect. Update.
Skype Message Glitch.
T-Mobile Galaxy Note.
Arizona Solar Array.