Show Notes
Internet Defense League.
Microsoft Earnings.
Google Earnings.
AMD Earnings.
Windows Phone 8 Avail in November.
.11 cents a mile please.
60 Million for 5 years!
Syria Net Cut.
High Speed Ticker Board.
One Way Emails.
Millions of Pirated Links.
Judge Steps Down.
Censoring Search?
New Rules?
Cool Corner Lite.
Digital Padlock.
iPhone DSLR?
What is your Usage.
Google is slow?
YouTube Producer Revenue.
Monoprice Headsets.
BMG Takedowns.
YouTube Fair Use on BMG.
Apen A5 Review.
iLuv Dualjack.
Mercury Retrograde?
CES Planning.
Movie Experience.
Apple Tactical Data.
Firefox 14 Secure Searches.
Open Source Gov’t?
Patent Office Third Party Submissions.
The O word.
White House can use O Word.
DOJ Plays Hardball.
Science Community Scrambling?
Face Recognition.
The Male Genetic Mix.
Botnet Killed.
Social Engineering via Database.
What’s up with Larry Page?
Amazon AWS with SSD!
Brag and Bagged.
Google and RSS Fail.
Comcast 305mbps Offering.
Mercury Lamp.
New Sony Google TV.
Auto Tracking Camera.