Show Notes:
Google Fiber to Die for!
BS Olympic Policy in US!
Olympic Pirates.
Journalist Spy’s?
Sneaker Net #1
Mac Malware recording you!
Ready for Mountain Lion.
Mountain Lion Notification.
Amazon Q2 Reports.
AWS to Grow.
Facebook Q2 Earnings.
Twister Tube!
CC Matrix on Deals.
144hz Refresh Rate.
Google Handwrite.
Apps for Olympics.
Instagram Update and Twitter Chop.
Bunker Buster.
More Drones.
Russian Censorship.
New Supercomputer!
NASA Rocket Dev.
Spoiled mac Uusers.
Apple iOS Security.
Podcast App Updated.
Camera Policy Abused Day 1
IFPI Vidicates Megaupload.
Cool Lamp!
Twitter Fail Whale.
Samsung 50.5 Million.
Tipping Tips.
3d printing all kinds of things.
Smart Trashcan.